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Apps are Only as Secure as the Cloud Infrastructure They Run On

Threat Stack delivers high-efficacy intrusion detection for your cloud workloads that combines with the F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP for a unified view of threats to your cloud-native apps and infrastructure.

Comprehensive Security for Modern Applications and APIs

High-Efficacy Threat Detection:

Detect threats in real time across billions of events collected per day with context to take the right action.

App Deployment Speed:

Automate deployment of telemetry collection without disrupting app delivery in ephemeral environments.

Increased Visibility:

Collect telemetry from all cloud workloads for a unified view of the real-time threats to your environment.

Remediation Integration:

Integrate with your security workflow tools like SIEM or SOAR for remediation, or trigger action in the F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.

Threat Stack Enables Businesses To InnovateSecurely In The Cloud

  • We stand for the innovators. Companies who don’t leverage the cloud will be left behind
  • Threat Stack makes security an enabler of innovation, not an impediment to it
  • Threat Stack provides security observability across the full cloud infrastructure stack

With Threat Stack, companies can securely build, deploy, and run applications in cloud-nativeinfrastructure without impacting innovation velocity.

Trusted by Innovative Companies

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Observability is hard in cloud environments. When you have servers you need host based detection on those systems. Threat Stack is a major component of helping Ping achieve its security goals. If you need host detection, you need Threat Stack. It’s as simple as that.

Ryan Ivis
Manager of Security Architecture
Ping Identity
February 18, 2022
Working with Threat Stack has been fantastic. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

Threat Stack's team makes me feel valued and is aways looking out for our needs. Threat Stack is more than just a Software as a Service; Service comes first and their team is always available to answer questions, provide advice and consultation on a broad range of security questions.

Great customer service and experience with Threat Stack!

We are running a security-mindful business with a small engineering team. Threat Stack has been an excellent addition to our layers of protection. We can all sleep better knowing that automated alerts are watching out for us.

Increase Insight and Security Productivity

The major upsides of using ThreatStack is increasing insight into any security issues that may exist and you may be unaware of, real time alerting and helping understaffed teams manage security.

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